The 30 hectares vineyard all in one piece is planted on the clay-limestone part of the town of Saint Seurin de Cadourne. It consists of nice hillcrests and south facing slight slopes with 75% Merlot and 25% Cabernet Sauvignon.

The vines are 20 years old on an average and are planted on a limestone soil which brings all the freshness and fineness typical of the great wines of Bordeaux. Thus the replanting program since the acquisition of the property in 1998, has led, due to the nature of the soil, to a grape variety with a very strong Merlot dominant. The new Cabernet Franc plantations will give Château Doyac wine a structuring effect.


Max de Pourtalès aims precisely at getting healthy and ripe grapes. Season after season, he is watching his terroir, the vines and its environment. A natural ensemble to which he wants to grant as much respect, accuracy and application as possible.

It was in this qualitative and product-friendly approach that he opted in 2015 for the conversion of his entire vineyard to organic farming. On the strength of this experience, Max de Pourtalès wanted to go even further and in 2016 he chose the path of biodynamics.


Through observation, biodynamics makes it possible to have a more precise perception of living things. It makes it possible to respect the subtle balances of living things so as not to disturb the natural balance by banishing synthetic molecules. The goal is to limit copper and sulfur as much as possible by using herbal teas and plant decoctions.

In addition, biodynamics revitalize the soils thanks to biodynamic preparations, in particular the compost of horn dung called the 500. It also takes into account cosmic influences, mainly that of the sun and the moon. It is a holistic approach that aims to strengthen the plant by having a broader vision of nature and agriculture.