The team is composed of six people:

Max de Pourtalès, owner and manager of château Doyac, manages the whole team and oversees the work in the cellars and the vineyard. He is also involved in the relationship with customers and salespeople.

Astrid de Pourtalès takes care of the management of the winery and is involved in all kinds of work in the vineyard and the cellars as well. She is more precisely in charge of making the herbal teas and decoctions which are used in biodynamics to be sprayed on the vines.

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Clémence de Pourtalès, their daughter, oenologist with a diploma from the ISVV in Bordeaux, has decided in 2016 to come and work in the family winery as technical director. She works in the vineyard as well as in the cellars.

Jean Baptiste Cruzin has been working in Château Doyac since 2009. He is responsible of the cellars and takes part of all the work in the vineyard.


Erik Stoopman has been hired in Château Doyac in 2019 and has been working since then with Jean Baptiste Cruzin.

Jean Paul Monier has been working in château Doyac since 2005. He mainly works in the vineyard.

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The former vineyard manager, Rachid Tarbouch, created his own vineyard services business and now he takes part in the vineyard works such as pruning the vines, taking off the vines’ branches and raising the vines. It enables the team of château Doyac to focus on the mechanical work in the vineyard such as working the soils and treating the vines.