« Le Pélican » the new trilogy of Château Doyac

Château Doyac, cru bourgeois from Haut-Médoc, certified in biodynamics announces the birth of a white wine 100% sauvignon from the property which will bear the name “Le Pélican”, of which 2019 will be the first vintage to inaugurate this new label. “Le Pélican” will also be available in red and sometimes in rosé wine to offer a full range to consumers.

A little history, The pelican a symbolic animal


The Pourtalès are an old family of Cévennes origins who took refuge in Neuchâtel during the wars of religion around 1717, preferring to emigrate rather than to adhere. This ancient family has distinguished itself in many fields including commerce, finance, diplomacy, the military, science and literature.

The pelican which appears on the family coat of arms belongs to Western Christian symbolism. Pelican of piety, parental love and mercy, he is represented in the iconography of the Middle Ages shedding his blood to feed his young, symbol of the sacrifice of Christ, who also shed his blood for others.

For a long time the Pourtalès family has wanted to make a great white wine. It is done with the birth of this new label “Le Pélican”, a white from a 1.5 hectare plot located on the limestone plateau of Saint- Seurin de Cadourne chosen for its qualities of soil suitable for the best expression of sauvignon blanc.

2019 will be the first vintage of this 100% sauvignon which has received the greatest care: manually harvested, pressed in whole clusters and aged in amphora, wooden tank and 500L barrel.

The origin of the name “Le Pélican” refers to the historic coat of arms of the Pourtalès family which appears on the label of Château Doyac red wine.

Château Doyac Le Pélican Blanc

In the absence of an appellation of « Médoc blanc”, Le Pélican blanc from Château Doyac, like all white wines produced in Médoc, will bear the appellation “Bordeaux Blanc” on its label. The White Pelican thus comes to flesh out a confidential list but in increase of the whites of the medoc. It is also a way to reconnect with tradition since the Médoc, land of red par excellence, had the distinction of producing in the 19th century white wines already very appreciated by connoisseurs.

Château Doyac Le Pélican Rouge

It is a predominantlyMerlot cuvée from the young vines of Château Doyac.

2019, first year certified biodynamic for the Château Doyac wine.


Château Doyac, received in 2019 the DEMETER certification. An internationally recognized biodynamic agriculture certification that allows the production of quality wines with the least possible input. Satisfaction for the owners, the Pourtalès family who made this choice as evidence based on a deep reflection around the balance between the vine ecosystem (fauna and flora included) and humans. The specifications, very demanding, take into account natural cycles including the lunar cycle, the use of spraying herbal teas made from minerals and plants (nettle, horsetail, valerian, marigold, dandelion, …) to energize the life of the soil and restore the energy necessary for the plant to develop its natural defenses. The 2019 vintage of Château Doyac will therefore be the first vintage to carry the mention « Biodynamic » and Château Doyac the first Cru Bourgeois du Médoc to join the list of biodynamic châteaux.